Why You Need to Experience the 2017 Carnival Week in Provincetown!

Have you ever wanted to experience a unique event on Cape Cod? You’ll be in for a treat during Carnival Week in Provincetown from August 12-18, 2017! This annual festival is a weekend-long celebration with LGBTQ parties, art fairs, a costume ball, and many other interesting events! Whether you want to spend your days delighting in the festivities or experiencing the fabulous culture, you’re sure to make the most of your trip.

If you are looking for an unparalleled gay-friendly scene, download our free Provincetown Vacation Guide! It includes local hotspots, wonderful restaurants, and entertainment venues near the celebrations of Carnival Week in Provincetown. The free guide also provides detailed information on the spacious rooms and suites at Admiral’s Landing Bed & Breakfast!

Here Is How to Experience Carnival Week in Provincetown

Our annual events host grand parties, costume contests, and other fun activities that draw tens of thousands of people to our Cape Cod area. Check out our recommendations on how to make the most your time at Carnival Week in Provincetown!

This Year’s Theme

Every year, this spectacular festival has an extravagant theme and compelling dress code. For 2017, the spectacular theme for the weeklong celebration is Gods and Goddesses. Grab your togas, shiny crowns, and royal accessories for the fabulous Carnival Week in Provincetown! If you are looking for costume inspiration, check out our suggestions or have the talented Amy Starr design something unique just for you. You’re sure to shine at this year’s festival!

The Entertainment

You definitely don’t want ot miss the parade during Carnival Week in Provincetown. It’s held on Thursday during the festival each year and travels down Commercial Street. This fascinating event is lined by thousands of spectators who are cheering and having a great time. From loud music to wild costumes, our historic downtown becomes a wonderful party for all who attend. Be sure to hold out your hand and catch a variety of candy and bright necklaces thrown from the lavish floats. The end of the parade marks the beginning of more celebrations, and a speaker announces the theme for the following year!

Every year, there is a wild mix of fun events! The 2017 events include a boat cruise, Pool Party, Drag Bingo, Costume Ball, and nightly Dance Parties, just to name a few. As these special festivities are finalized, we encourage to check their website!

Keep the Party Going at Admiral’s Landing

As the roaring festivities of Carnival Week in Provincetown draw to end each day, you’re sure to relax in the comfortable Admiral’s Landing. Our wonderful guest rooms and suites offer privacy, spacious baths, and stunning views of our property. Before you begin the days of festivities, take a seat in our dining room and delight in our delicious breakfast! You’re sure to get your fill with our scrumptious muffins, fresh fruit, and other baked goods.

We are located on Bradford Street, which is just a 2-minute walk from the annual parade and all of the festival’s events. And, you’ll be in close proximity to the local bars, cafes, restaurants, beaches, and entertainment in Provincetown.

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