Where Are the Best Kept Secrets in Cape Cod? On the Provincetown Trolley Tours!

When it’s a glorious day in coastal Provincetown, MA, we urge all of our guests to learn about our rich history on the Provincetown Trolley Tours. On your guided journey, you’ll be delighted by the beauty of our beachside retreat with our historic buildings, commemorative monuments, and the stunning coastline. If you want to experience the coastal charm of P-town, a guided tour through our downtown will make an enriching trip you won’t forget.

Before packing your bags for your Cape Cod travels, request a copy of our free Vacation Guide! You’ll find our recommendations on local restaurants, outdoor activities, and the historic sites that you’ll see along the Provincetown Trolley Tours. The guide also features the charming, quaint accommodations and wonderful amenities at Admiral’s Landing!

Your Perfect Destination Is Along the Provincetown Trolley Tours!

As your journey starts on our streets, you’ll learn something incredible about our national treasure on the Provincetown Trolley Tours. Check out our insights and the most spectacular sites you’ll see on your adventures!

Pilgrim Monument

As you plan your trip with Mayflower Trolley, you’ll ride in comfort past many iconic sites including the Pilgrim Monument! This towering obelisk marks the very spot where the Pilgrims signed and drafted the Mayflower Compact. It also commemorates the Mayflower’s first landing in the New World! This “must see” site stands at the entrance to Provincetown, MA!

Cape Cod National Shoreline

Perhaps one of the most magnificent wonders in Provincetown is the Cape Cod National Shoreline. You’ll fall in love with the white sandy beaches, deep blue water, and beautiful lighthouses as you drive on the Provincetown Trolley Tours. Our beaches have welcomed Viking explorers, impressive whalers, the Pilgrims, and much more. In addition, the Cape Cod National Shoreline is the home for native wildlife, plants, and the perfect vacation destination.

The Gallery District

Since our founding in 1700, P-town has been a safe haven for artists. Our coastal retreat provides a space for creative minds to perfect their techniques and craft the most stunning pieces. You’ll see the Gallery District on the Provincetown Trolley Tours that showcases many art galleries. These interesting displays showcase the artwork of both local and national talents. You’ll ride through this historic area and discover some of the hidden gems of Provincetown! While you stay with us, we urge you to visit our stunning galleries on Commercial Street.

Book Your Stay at Admiral’s Landing

After a fun day learning about our compelling history on the Provincetown Trolley Tours, relax in coastal comfort at Admiral’s Landing. Our quaint accommodations provide the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine. Whether you spend your time relaxing on our spacious patio or conversing in our lounge, you’re sure to have an amazing time with us!

As you wake each morning, find the perfect breakfast meal to fuel you for your day’s adventures. If you want to try one of our house specialties, order “The Admiral’s Cup.” This scrumptious egg and hash brown muffin-sized frittata is such a treat! And, you can cover your meal with toppings like bacon and cheddar, linguiça and provolone, black beans & salsa and much more!

We can’t wait to host you in Provincetown, MA!