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Why You Need to See a Drag Show in Provincetown!

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If you’re tired of the same-old, same-old concert theater scene, it might be time to experience something truly unique: a drag show in Provincetown! Renowned for its diversity and acceptance, Provincetown is a haven for the LGBT community. So why not diversify your entertainment experiences and check out a drag show in Provincetown on your visit? You don’t have to be LGBT to enjoy a good time!

What You Need to Know about Drag Shows

As you might imagine, this will not be a buttoned-up, reserved theater experience. Get ready for some serious flair, fun, and the likelihood of being called out by your lovely high-heeled entertainer. If you’d rather observe than participate, sit in the back and don’t raise your hand for anything. If you want in on the fun (and you should!), sit close to the front, cheer loudly, and be complimentary. And definitely bring some cash for tipping the queen (or king)!

See a Drag Show in Provincetown

These establishments often have drag shows running. Take a look at their websites to see what’s playing during your visit!

  1. The Crown & Anchor

This beautiful, grand building actually extends over the water. At the Crown & Anchor, you’ll find drag performers in its Cabaret, or occasionally on the street, entertaining passersby. Upcoming events include “A Starry Night,” with past winners of Miss Gay Massachusetts on stage, as well as the Miss Gay Massachusetts pageant.

  1. The Provincetown Theater

This state-of-the-art theater is more than just drag shows. The Provincetown Theater specializes in developing new playwrights from children to adults, and hosts incredible professional performances year-round. While the 2017 season hasn’t been released yet, past audiences have been treated to great shows like Scott Turner Schofield’s gut-busting comedy “Debutante Balls.”

  1. The Art House

For a fantastic dining and entertainment experience, The Art House is a top pick. The cafe and bar stay open late, giving patrons the opportunity to meet performers after the show. Their varied and excellent line-up is sure to impress. For instance, you’re bound to enjoy “Brown is the New Pink,” a comedy parody of the popular Netflix show, “Orange is the New Black.”

So, Why See a Drag Show in Provincetown?

  1. High-quality entertainment
  2. Lots of fun
  3. Break out of your date-night ruts
  4. Support the local arts
  5. Try new things … a little fun and flair never hurt anyone!

From Drag Shows to Romance: Stay at Admiral’s Landing

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