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4 of the Best Reasons to See Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown MA

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If you’re planning a trip to Cape Cod, you can’t visit the area without making a stop at the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, MA. This monument, founded in 1892, was built to commemorate the Mayflower’s first landing in the New World in November 1620. In this place, the Pilgrims drafted and signed the Mayflower Compact and explored the tip of Cape Cod before continuing to Plymouth, MA. This “must see” monument is a 252-foot-tall structure that towers over the rest of Provincetown. Here are just a few reasons why you need to see it on your next trip to the Cape.

It Is Rich in Cape Cod History

Though the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, MA, was founded in 1892 by the Cape Cod Pilgrim Memorial Association, the tower that stands today was not built until after the turn of the 20th century. In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt laid the cornerstone to the monument and in 1910, President William Howard Taft dedicated the site upon its completion. Since then, the monument has been an important part of Cape Cod history. A visit to the Pilgrim Monument affords visitors the chance to learn more about Cape Cod and enrich their understanding of the region’s rich history.

There Is an Accompanying Museum

One of the best ways that visitors learn about Provincetown and Cape Cod history is through a visit to the museum that accompanies the Pilgrim Monument. Built in 1910, this museum was the first museum built in Cape Cod with the purpose of educating the public about Provincetown’s role in Pilgrim and American history. The museum has a permanent collection of artifacts related to Provincetown and American history, but it also has an ever-changing array of temporary exhibitions. Check online to see what is on display at the time of your visit.

Special Events at the Monument

Throughout the year, special events are hosted at the Pilgrim Monument. These events are open to the public and serve as great excuses to plan your visit. During July and August, one of the best special events at the monument is a historic walking tour of Provincetown. These tours start every Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. at the monument and continue through P-town. If you’d like to attend this special event on your next visit to Provincetown, give the museum a call at 508-487-1310 for more details and to make a reservation!

The View from the Top Can’t be Beat

The Pilgrim Monument is the single tallest all-granite structure in the United States. Rising 350 feet above sea-level, this stone tower is visible from nearly every spot in Provincetown. When you visit the monument, complete the challenge of climbing to the top! You will be glad that you did. Only a 10-minute climb, visitors who cover the 116 steps and 60 ramps to the top are rewarded with one of the best views of Provincetown and the Cape!

Plan Your Visit to the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, MA!

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