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Enjoy a Beautiful Walk on the Historic MacMillan Wharf

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There’s no question that a trip to Cape Cod must include at least one stroll along a scenic, waterfront harbor. In Provincetown, MA, MacMillian Wharf is the best place to do exactly that. Just steps off of Commercial Street in Provincetown, the MacMillian Wharf used to be a place people visited only to catch a ferry to Boston or board a whale-watching ship. Now, in addition to those things, the Provincetown wharf is a peaceful place to explore on an early morning walk. Along the way, here are a few of the most interesting things you might find.

An Active Fishing Harbor

For hundreds of years, Provincetown has been one of the most important seaports on the New England coast. One stroll through MacMillan Wharf will show that the Provincetown Harbor and Marina continue in this same tradition today. Each day, old fishing boats go out and bring back the day’s catch. As you walk down the pier, it’s easy to imagine Provincetown as the working fishing village that it has been for centuries.

Travelers Setting Out for a Day at Sea

Not only will you find old fishing boats in the harbor, but you’ll also see new boats of all shapes and sizes waiting to take visitors out to sea. During the day, MacMillan Wharf buzzes with activity because of the many whale-watching tours, sunset cruises, fishing charters, and ferries to Boston that run from the port each day. Climb aboard one of these vessels to extend your day at MacMillan Wharf!

Local Shops and Food Stands

While you wander the wharf, you’ll also have the opportunity to browse outdoor booths and small shops for unique souvenirs and gifts to take home with you. Each day, artists and vendors set up shop along the dock to sell their locally-made goods, arts, and crafts. In addition, there are stands and restaurants to grab something to eat or drink.

A Pirate Museum

At the end of the wharf, across from the ferry terminal, 300-year-old pirate coins, gold jewelry, cannonballs, swords, guns, and much more await your discovery inside Expedition Whydah. This museum, open daily from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., contains relics of one of the Cape’s most legendary shipwrecks. The Whydah, commanded by the pirate Sam Bellamy, wrecked in 1717. At Expedition Whydah, you can learn about this wreck, legend that surrounds it, and the Golden Age of piracy in the U.S.

The Beach

After exploring MacMillan’s Wharf, you can return to the start of your walk, kick off your shoes, and enjoy the small beach at the foot of the pier. From the beach, you can stick your toes in the water, watch boats arrive in the harbor.

Plan Your Trip to the MacMillan Wharf in Provincetown, MA!

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